Rebellion! Stop the jeans and t-shirt tyranny!

I guess I have to admit it: I’m a grownup.

I’ve started wearing ties. And cuff links. And suits. And I like it! I know most people who wear a suit and tie on a daily basis do it because they have to. And when weekend comes, they are so glad to put on something more informal.

All my friends, colleagues and neighbors (at the hip Grünerløkka) wear jeans and t-shirts. Always. (I recently read how someone in the crew of a Norwegian film were denied access to the film’s premiere in Cannes because the individual was not properly dressed. I’m not surprised.)

I’m a strong believer in freedom of expression, and the way we dress is a part of this. And I guess there once was a rebellion in dressing casual. The sixties, you know. Well, that’s a long time ago.

Dress the way you like. Just remember the way you dress signals how you want to be perceived. And how you define yourself.


I’ve started collecting vintage ties and cufflinks. I’ve found some nice sites online where I find a lot of amazing stuff. (Maybe one day I’ll reveal my sources, but I’m not sure - I don’t want the good stuff to be snatched by anyone else!)

My collection is documented in my
ties’n’cuffs blog. Check it out!