Honolulu Rapid Transit Token Cufflinks


Are these cool or what?? My all time favorite cuffs.

I wear these EVERY time I go to my favorite bar: The Aku Aku Tiki Bar, which happen to be just 30 meters from my building. How convenient.


Mother of Pearl Monogram E Cufflinks

cuffs 3 (1)

Of course, with the letter E as monogram, I had to have these babies. Very cool, amazing vintage stuff.

They snap together in the middle and are identical on both sides.


Amita Golden Horse Cuffs

cuffs 8

These are lovely. Hand made in Japan. Thank you, man or woman who made these.


Swank Gold Tone Bamboo and Pearl Cuffs

cuffs 3

I don’t use these very much, even though they are really swell looking cuffs.

They just demand that special occasion. Like when I’m going for a game of poker with some Italian mobsters.

Men prefer Swank. Of course, we do.


Silver Tone Oval Cuffs

cuffs 6 (1)

Kind of anonymous looking cuffs, most likely from the fifties.


Flying Swan Cuffs

cuffs 1

A very nice and elegant pair. Who doesn’t like swans?


Enamel Whale Cuffs

cuffs 7

Whales o-hoy! I love these. Of course, I am, after all, Norwegian. We love whales.

(In case you didn’t know: Norway is one of the few remaining whale hunting nations in the world.)


Swank Pink and Black Disk Cuffs

cuffs 13

A vintage pair by Swank, that looks like they could have been made today. Which makes them kind of dull, unfortunately.


French Enamel Portrait Cuffs

cuffs 22

Sweet ladies, sweet cuffs.


Swank Geometric Steel Cufflinks

cuffs 12 (1)

Cool ones. Geometric steel cufflinks by Swank.


Chrome Art Deco Cuffs

cuffs 7 (1)

An elegant pair of fifties (?) art deco (?) cufflinks.


Interlinking Square Cuffs

cuffs 8 (1)

A very elegant pair. I love the geometric design - the interlinking squares.


Anson Gold Toned Cuffs

cuffs 5 (1)

I saw these being worn by one of the characters on Mad Men! Yeay!

A nice, modern, fifties design. Indeed very Mad Men.


Geometric Rectangle Italian Cuffs

cuffs 11

Amazing, Italian geometric cuffs in the original box.

I love these.


Polish Glass Tile Cuffs

cuffs 6

These are rather cool.

From Poland, probably made during the communist era. The quality unfortunately corresponds to what you would expect from this era: they are very plasticy and flimsy. But still, kind of cool.


Halliburton Cuffs

cuffs 26cuffs 25

Two pairs of Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company promotional cufflinks.

Shiny chrome - challenging to photograph.


Swank Initial E Cuffs

cuffs 15

Well, of course I had to get these initial «E» cufflinks.

Made by Swank.


Swank Fleur De Lis Cuffs

cuffs 12

Swank Inc were incorporated on April 17, 1936. When cufflinks peaked in the 1960’s they were making 12 million a year.


Shields Triangle Rhinestone Cuffs

cuffs 2

An elegant pair of silver triangle rhinestone cufflinks from Shields.

Shields Fifth Avenue was a men’s jewelry store from the late 1940’s until the 1960’s.


Starburst Gold Tone Cuffs

cuffs 20

A nice pair of fifties cufflinks. Gold toned with a cool starburst design, the rays emitting from a rhinestone.


Silver Enamel Honeycomb Cuffs

cuffs 16

A great pair of modernist, geometric cufflinks, with patriotic red and blue enamel coloring.