Ultra Skinny

Buehler Bingham Ultra Skinny Square End

tie 218tie 219

A terrific, ultra skinny square end by Buehler-Bingham of Ogden, Utah.

Very short and very skinny: 3,5 cm.

Here’s a shot from the Buehler-Bingham Store, grabbed from this page.



Revl Ultra Skinny Red White and Blue Tie

tie 96tie 97

Wear In Good Health - how cool is that?! I love this tie for that label alone.

But even without the label, it’s a great ultra skinny tie. I’m guessing it’s from the eighties.

Perfect for wearing on the Norwegian independence day: May 17th.

Ultra skinny: 4,5 cm.


Tie Rak Striped Burgundy Ultra Skinny Tie

tie 71tie 72

Ultra skinny, with a traditional striped design.

When I got it (it appeared to be never worn) it had a label reading "The Tie Rak Custom Made". Yes, that's not a typo. It really said Tie Rak, not Tie Rack.

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm.


Blue Ultra Skinny Palm Leaf Tie

tie 113tie 114

Ultra skinny, ultra cool, ultra hip!

Shiny, sleek and smart. Perfect.

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm


Ultra Skinny Leather Tie

tie 168tie 169

Oh my oh my. Could it be any more eighties? I doubt it very much.

Love the red stripes. They really make this one quite unique.

I remember owning, and using quite frequently, a leather skinny tie in the eighties. It was pink...

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm


Unknown Brand Golden Ultra Skinny Tie

tie 181tie 182

Ultra skinny, and good lookin’. I should wear this one more.

Ultra skinny: 3,7 cm.


Van Heusen Brown Ultra Skinny Motif Tie

tie 47tie 48tie 49

A super cool super skinny tie by Van Heusen. Love it!

They don't get much skinnier than this: Only 2,9 cm.


Wembley Ultra Skinny Black Motif Tie

tie 27tie 28tie 29

An ultra skinny one from Wembley. Black with a simple motif.

As always. when you get a Wembley tie, you also get instructions on what to wear it with. Cool!

Ultra skinny: 4 cm.


Mauro's Striped Silk Skinny Tie

tie 5tie 16

Very nice, ultra skinny tie.

The label has unfortunately fallen off, but it’s from Mauro’s, Cuyanoga Falls, Ohio.

Sixties, I guess. All silk.

Ultra skinny: 3,5 cm.


Ivy League Ultra Skinny

tie 124tie 125

Nice’n’skinny tie. Cotton? Sixties?

Ivy League - does this mean it could be a school uniform tie?

Ultra Skinny: 3,5 cm.


Hengerer's Ultra Skinny Striped Tie

tie 115tie 116tie 117

Ultra Skinny! Now we’re talking. This is what I like.

They are rare finds, these ultra skinny ones. This one get a lot of neck-time.

Made by an unknown brand for Hengerer’s department store in Buffalo. They closed over 20 years ago.

Ultra skinny 3,7 cm.