Blue Ultra Skinny Palm Leaf Tie

tie 113tie 114

Ultra skinny, ultra cool, ultra hip!

Shiny, sleek and smart. Perfect.

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm


Amita Golden Horse Cuffs

cuffs 8

These are lovely. Hand made in Japan. Thank you, man or woman who made these.


Swank Gold Tone Bamboo and Pearl Cuffs

cuffs 3

I don’t use these very much, even though they are really swell looking cuffs.

They just demand that special occasion. Like when I’m going for a game of poker with some Italian mobsters.

Men prefer Swank. Of course, we do.


Silver Tone Oval Cuffs

cuffs 6 (1)

Kind of anonymous looking cuffs, most likely from the fifties.


Wembley Brown Geometric Tie

tie 53tie 54

Kind of boring tie by Wembley, probably from the sixties.

Skinny: 5 cm.


Mr John Black and Green Silk Tie

tie 165tie 166tie 167

One of my most elegant, classy and cool ties. I can really imagine a fifties mobster wearing this. Or Frank Sinatra. (Is there really a difference?)

Love the label!

From Amberg’s, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Narrow: 5,9 cm.


Ultra Skinny Leather Tie

tie 168tie 169

Oh my oh my. Could it be any more eighties? I doubt it very much.

Love the red stripes. They really make this one quite unique.

I remember owning, and using quite frequently, a leather skinny tie in the eighties. It was pink...

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm


Bonjour Pink Tie

tie 85tie 86

I don’t use pink ties very much, but this one is kind of cool with its organic, eighties pattern.

Skinny: 4,5 cm.


Flying Swan Cuffs

cuffs 1

A very nice and elegant pair. Who doesn’t like swans?


Enamel Whale Cuffs

cuffs 7

Whales o-hoy! I love these. Of course, I am, after all, Norwegian. We love whales.

(In case you didn’t know: Norway is one of the few remaining whale hunting nations in the world.)


Swank Pink and Black Disk Cuffs

cuffs 13

A vintage pair by Swank, that looks like they could have been made today. Which makes them kind of dull, unfortunately.


Howard's Silk Skinny Tie

tie 79tie 82

A very elegant silk tie from Howard's on Kinsman at Lee, Shaker Heights.

Love the animal motif.

A bit on the formal side, so I don't use it very much.

Skinny: 5 cm.


Jordache Paisley Tie

tie 63tie 65

Jordache, why do I love you so? Because EVERY tie you have made is AMAZING!

I buy every Jordache tie I can find. Unfortunately, they are quite rare, so I only have a few yet, but they are all in my absolute favorites collection.

Skinny (well, almost): 5,6 cm. Still, totally cool.


Unknown Brand Golden Ultra Skinny Tie

tie 181tie 182

Ultra skinny, and good lookin’. I should wear this one more.

Ultra skinny: 3,7 cm.


Van Heusen Brown Square End Tie

tie 197tie 198

Because of the width, I have not been able to wear this one yet, unfortunately.

Width: 5,7 cm. For a square end, that’s just too much.


French Enamel Portrait Cuffs

cuffs 22

Sweet ladies, sweet cuffs.


Swank Geometric Steel Cufflinks

cuffs 12 (1)

Cool ones. Geometric steel cufflinks by Swank.


Chrome Art Deco Cuffs

cuffs 7 (1)

An elegant pair of fifties (?) art deco (?) cufflinks.


Interlinking Square Cuffs

cuffs 8 (1)

A very elegant pair. I love the geometric design - the interlinking squares.


Anson Gold Toned Cuffs

cuffs 5 (1)

I saw these being worn by one of the characters on Mad Men! Yeay!

A nice, modern, fifties design. Indeed very Mad Men.


Unknown Brand Art Deco Tie

tie 109tie 110

Holy macaroni! Is this tie amazing or is it amazing? My answer: TOTALLY AMAZING.

The Art Deco design is striking and dramatic. Unfortunately, and unbelievably: no label.

Narrowish: 6,2 cm.

The perfect cuffs to go with this tie: These.


Unknown Brand Golden Paisley Tie

tie 36tie 38

When you make such a terrific tie, why don’t you put your label on it? I would be so proud of designing this!

The golden copper pattern is kind of shiny, almost metallic. Sweet!

Narrow: 6,2 cm.


Ernst Red Square End Tie

tie 215tie 216

One of my favorite square ends. I wear this a lot.

Wonderfully skinny: 4 cm. Yeay!


Ernst Brown Square End Tie

tie 204tie 205

Another simple but nice square end. Just wish it was a few millimeters narrower. Square ends should be really skinny.

Still, skinny enough: 4,9 mm.

Unknown Brand Square End Tie

tie 199

I’m a big fan of skinny square end ties. This is not my favorite, but it’s not bad.

Skinny: 4,7 cm.


Ori-Dono Silk Skinny Tie

tie 157tie 159

A lovely silk (?) tie by Ori-Dono. Japan.

Skinny: 5 cm.


J Todd Turquoise Skinny Tie

tie 152tie 153

My baby. This tie is so incredibly cool, it’s almost too much: Wearing this makes me convinced all the other guys are dorks. There is just no competition.

The artificial lizard like pattern, the shiny turquoise color, the perfect width. Everything about this tie is amazing.

Skinny: 4,7 cm


Van Heusen Brown Ultra Skinny Motif Tie

tie 47tie 48tie 49

A super cool super skinny tie by Van Heusen. Love it!

They don't get much skinnier than this: Only 2,9 cm.


Wembley Ultra Skinny Black Motif Tie

tie 27tie 28tie 29

An ultra skinny one from Wembley. Black with a simple motif.

As always. when you get a Wembley tie, you also get instructions on what to wear it with. Cool!

Ultra skinny: 4 cm.


Mauro's Striped Silk Skinny Tie

tie 5tie 16

Very nice, ultra skinny tie.

The label has unfortunately fallen off, but it’s from Mauro’s, Cuyanoga Falls, Ohio.

Sixties, I guess. All silk.

Ultra skinny: 3,5 cm.


Cavalier Skinny Tie

tie 76tie 78

Not really a very interesting tie from Cavalier of Louisville.

Skinny: 4,7 cm.


Ivy League Ultra Skinny

tie 124tie 125

Nice’n’skinny tie. Cotton? Sixties?

Ivy League - does this mean it could be a school uniform tie?

Ultra Skinny: 3,5 cm.


Rooster Brown Square End Silk Tie

tie 202tie 203

Another nice Rooster square end. Silk. Skinny. Sixties.

Store label from Wallachs.

Skinny: 4,5 cm.


Rooster Blue Square End Silk Tie

tie 206tie 207

A really nice square end from Rooster. Thai silk.

Was unused when I bought it.

Store label fra Wallachs.

Skinny: 4,5 cm.


Geometric Rectangle Italian Cuffs

cuffs 11

Amazing, Italian geometric cuffs in the original box.

I love these.


Polish Glass Tile Cuffs

cuffs 6

These are rather cool.

From Poland, probably made during the communist era. The quality unfortunately corresponds to what you would expect from this era: they are very plasticy and flimsy. But still, kind of cool.


Halliburton Cuffs

cuffs 26cuffs 25

Two pairs of Halliburton Oil Well Cementing Company promotional cufflinks.

Shiny chrome - challenging to photograph.


Unknown Brand Geometric Skinny Tie

tie 141tie 142tie 143

A cool fifties skinny tie with a subtle geometric pattern and a Fleur De Lis motif.

Was unused when I bought it. Not any more.

Skinny: 5,9 cm.


Unknown Brand Dark Blue Motif Skinny Tie

tie 138tie 140

An elegant fifties skinny tie with a leaf motif.

Was unused when I bought it.

Skinny (barely): 5,3 cm.


The National Tie

tie 132tie 134

A nice, simple tie from the fifties, with a geometric motif.

Was unused when I bought it. But not any more.

Narrow: 5,8 cm.

From The National, Rochester.


Handloom Silk Stripe Tie

tie 193tie 194

This one is so rad! Why? Striped ties are nothing special?

Hard to say why, actually. But I think it’s the combination of the colors, the raw silk, and the perfect skinny width.

Anyways, I dig this. Plus, at the time of writing, this is my only tie from India.

Skinny: 5,2 cm.


Swank Initial E Cuffs

cuffs 15

Well, of course I had to get these initial «E» cufflinks.

Made by Swank.


Swank Fleur De Lis Cuffs

cuffs 12

Swank Inc were incorporated on April 17, 1936. When cufflinks peaked in the 1960’s they were making 12 million a year.


Shields Triangle Rhinestone Cuffs

cuffs 2

An elegant pair of silver triangle rhinestone cufflinks from Shields.

Shields Fifth Avenue was a men’s jewelry store from the late 1940’s until the 1960’s.


Starburst Gold Tone Cuffs

cuffs 20

A nice pair of fifties cufflinks. Gold toned with a cool starburst design, the rays emitting from a rhinestone.


Silver Enamel Honeycomb Cuffs

cuffs 16

A great pair of modernist, geometric cufflinks, with patriotic red and blue enamel coloring.


Unknown Brand Brown Motif Tie

tie 42

This buddy has seen better days — understandably, the previous owner must have been using it a lot.

Love the motif on this one.

No label.

Narrow: 5,6 cm.


Lytton's Golden Silk Tie

tie 186tie 187

It’s a bit wide, and the colors are a bit dull, going from moss green to gold.

But the flamelike pattern is kind of cool and makes it much more interesting.

Guessing it’s from the sixties.

Made by Lytton’s.

Narrow: 6,4 cm.


Hengerer's Ultra Skinny Striped Tie

tie 115tie 116tie 117

Ultra Skinny! Now we’re talking. This is what I like.

They are rare finds, these ultra skinny ones. This one get a lot of neck-time.

Made by an unknown brand for Hengerer’s department store in Buffalo. They closed over 20 years ago.

Ultra skinny 3,7 cm.


The Halle Bros Silk Tie

tie 57tie 58

A very beautiful tie, in my opinion. The colors and the geometric design make it really interesting.

But it’s at the same time a bit too nice, and too wide, so a rarely wear it.

From the Halle Bros Co in Cleveland, Ohio. 100% silk.

From the sixties, I guess, judging from the design as well as the Halle Bros logo — check out the photos on this site.

6,5 cm wide. (A lot of sellers would classify this as skinny. I don’t agree.)


Hengerer's Black Silk Tie

tie 129tie 130tie 131

A gorgeous black silk tie with white crests and blue ribbon.

Would be nice to wear at a wedding.

Probably made by an unknown brand for Hengerer’s in Buffalo. They closed over 20 years ago.


Narrow: 5,8 cm.


Jordache Teal/Black Skinny Tie

tie 154tie 155tie 156

Jordache, baby!

This was my first Jordache. And boy, have they become my favorite brand.

Totally eighties. I doubt there were any cooler designers during the eighties than Jordache.

Skinny: 4,7 cm. Perfect!


Christian Dior Op-Art Tie

tie 126tie 128

My second Christian Dior. And this one is a sweet one.

Love the op-art design.

Reasonably narrow as well: 6,2 cm.


Christian Dior Stripe Tie

tie 183tie 184

It’s a Christian Dior. It’s from Paris. It’s got cool colors and groovy stripes.

But it’s way too wide. 7,2 cm.

I am not brave enough to wear ties as wide as this.

Too bad.


Unknown Brand Deep Blue Diamond Tie

tie 118tie 119

This one I really like. I have ben using it a lot.

The deep blue color. The elongated diamond shaped pattern. It’s just really cool.

And very close to being a true skinny tie. (My criteria: 5 cm wide or less.)

This is 5,2 cm wide, but the long narrow diamond shape makes it appear narrower.

Too bad there is no label on it.


Mousseau's Tie

tie 83tie 84

Deep black, with a busy pattern in black and pink.

Mousseau’s of Woonsocket, R.I. (Rhode Island)

Narrow. 6,5 cm.


Wembley Golden Tie

tie 178tie 179tie 180

A really cool tie from Wembley. The geometric design must be from the futuristic, atomic fifties.

And being a Wembley, it comes with instructions!

Narrow. 5,4 cm.


ParkLane Tie

tie 174tie 175

A nice geometric pattern on this one.

Narrow: 6 cm.


Currie Square End Tie

tie 195tie 196

One of the ugliest ties in my collection. (It came in a lot with six other, much nicer ones.)

Yellow and silver? Incredibly ugly. The only nice thing about this tie is the label.

I love square ends. But they have to look better than this. And they have to be really skinny.

This is 5,5 cm wide.


Gentry Skinny Tie

tie 144tie 145tie 146

I LOVE this tie!

The color. The centered geometric weave. Everything about this tie is perfect.

One of my absolute favorites.

And it is skinny, just like I like it: 4,8 cm wide.


Abbey Silver Skinny Tie

tie 176tie 177

The silvery grey color is a bit dull, but I like the texture in the weave.

I’m guessing it’s from the fifties.

Abbey Cravate - does this mean it’s from Canada?

Skinny: 5 cm wide.


Cochrane Black Skinny Tie

tie 30tie 31

A plain black tie from Cochrane, Vancouver Canada.

Nice’n’skinny: 4,5 cm.


Abbey Shiny Red Skinny Tie

tie 89tie 90tie 92

I love this! Beautiful, deep, shiny red. Very nice motif. Very fifties rock’n’roll.

And it’s skinny! 5 cm wide.

Wearing this makes me feel like the coolest cat on the block.


Unknown Brand Red Silk Tie

tie 68tie 69tie 70

An interesting geometric pattern woven over a richly textured red weave.

Must be from the fifties.

Narrow. 5,7 cm wide.


Lytton's Shiny Geometric Tie

tie 135tie 136

Shiny and with a really nice, geometric design. Almost op-art.

That futuristic circle makes me guess it’s from the fifties.

I really like this. But the shiny gold/blue fabric is impossible to capture in a photo.

6 cm wide.


Damon Crown Tie

tie 50tie 51tie 52

Classy. And that golden triangle beneath the crown is really nice too. Is it the emblem of some secret brotherhood?

Shop Label: Joseph’s San Antonio by Damon.

Says All Silk Warp. But another label beneath says: 65% rayon, 35% silk....

Almost skinny: 5,3 cm wide.


Wembley Texture Tie

tie 44tie 45tie 46

Love the texture on this! Is it supposed to be wood? Beautiful.

In addition, it has an interesting motif.

And Wembley always tells you which color suit to wear it with. Cool!

(Though, personally, I wouldn’t mind wearing this with a blue suit.)

5,7 cm wide.


Unknown Brand for Bishop's

tie 20
tie 21

Ever since the eighties I’ve loved paisley patterns. This is one of the most discreet and classy ones I’ve seen. Beautiful.

Still, classy and beautiful ties like this don’t get that much use. I seldom move in circles where I need to show this kind of muted elegance.


Reasonably narrow: 6,3 cm.


Dino Scala by Famous

tie 17tie 18tie 19

A well designed tie. But a bit too formal and conservative for my taste. Nice condition.

Skinny: 5 cm wide.


Penney's Towncraft Tie

tie 8
tie 14

A rather cool tie, with its wavy California surf pattern. Unfortunately, not in mint condition.

5,5 cm wide.


Majestic Tie

tie 9tie 13

A really nice tie from Majestic, which don’t get that much use. I guess it’s personality is a bit dull.
Nice and really well designed, and a bit dull.

It’s also a bit on the wide side: 6,5 cm.


Berkley Tie

tie 10
tie 12

A nice silk tie from Berkley. From the Fifties, I guess.
I love ties with shop labels. It gives the tie its history and origin.

5,5 cm wide. (Almost skinny - my definition of skinny tie: 5 cm (2 inches) or less.)

The Shop Label reads:

Distributed by
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Products Store, Inc.
Palmer House Arcade