Wembley Striped and Banded Square End

tie 211tie 212

A nice square end by Wembley, made of wool.

A little bit wide (for a square end): 5 cm.

I purchased the tie from Dapper Dean at Etsy.com. From their description of this tie:

The gentleman who wears the tie:
Dapper Dean (est. winter of 2011) is the ideal perception of oneself in dress, appearance, or bearing. Man or woman should not limit the opportunity to arrive proper. It's time to bring it back to the basics and simple life. Do you own a grey suit? Cause this tie would a great companion.

Beau Brummell Brown Striped Skinny Tie

tie 61tie 62

A very nice skinny tie with great colors.

Diagonal stripes are of course very conventional, but this is kind of interesting.

Purchased at Geisler’s of Lafayette, Indiana.

Nice’n’skinny: 4,5 cm.


Scot Ties Multicolor Wide Wool Tie

tie 188tie 189

I fell in love with the colors and the fabric on this one. But it’s way too wide. I’ve never worn it - not even at home.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to wear wide ties... There are a lot of amazing ones out there!

Wide: 9,4 cm.


Jac-Lin Striped Skinny Tie

tie 4tie 15

A discrete but nice striped skinny silk tie, from Jac-Lin, Chicago.

Fifties, I guess. Could be sixties as well. Who knows.

Skinny: 5 cm.


Oleg Cassini Silver and Grey Striped Silk Tie

tie 190tie 191tie 192

A very nice silk tie by Oleg Cassini, with a cool graphic, striped pattern. That black end really does it.

Love the store label as well.

A bit on the wide side: 6,7 cm.


Count Doré Blue and Green Silk Skinny Tie

tie 163tie 164

A discreet, diagonal striped silk tie with a nice color combination.

Skinny: 6 cm.


Tie Rak Striped Burgundy Ultra Skinny Tie

tie 71tie 72

Ultra skinny, with a traditional striped design.

When I got it (it appeared to be never worn) it had a label reading "The Tie Rak Custom Made". Yes, that's not a typo. It really said Tie Rak, not Tie Rack.

Ultra skinny: 3,3 cm.