Apache Wool Square End

tie 213tie 214

The Apache (Original) Cravat Feather Weight. Cool!

The rest of the label says: «All Wool - Hand Loomed. Apache Hand Loomed Product. Albuquerque, N. Mexico.»

Purchased at The Indian Arts of Taos and Scottsdale.

Very Skinny: 3,6 cm.

I purchased the tie from Dapper Dean at Etsy.com. From their description of this tie:

The gentleman who wears the tie:
Bobby Darin (May 14, 1936-December 20, 1973), born Walden Robert Perciville Cassotto, was a two-time Grammy award-winning American singer, Oscar-nominated actor and accomplished musician. Darin performed widely in a range of music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, folk and country. A man and tie of variety. Day time or night out, rock out or grovin, one tie.


Wembley Striped and Banded Square End

tie 211tie 212

A nice square end by Wembley, made of wool.

A little bit wide (for a square end): 5 cm.

I purchased the tie from Dapper Dean at Etsy.com. From their description of this tie:

The gentleman who wears the tie:
Dapper Dean (est. winter of 2011) is the ideal perception of oneself in dress, appearance, or bearing. Man or woman should not limit the opportunity to arrive proper. It's time to bring it back to the basics and simple life. Do you own a grey suit? Cause this tie would a great companion.

B.J. Ernst Multicolor Square End Tie

tie 200tie 201

Amazing colors on this one! Made by the square end expert Ernst.

Unfortunately, it’s far too wide, otherwise I would use it all the time.

6 cm is not narrow enough for a square end.


Buehler Bingham Ultra Skinny Square End

tie 218tie 219

A terrific, ultra skinny square end by Buehler-Bingham of Ogden, Utah.

Very short and very skinny: 3,5 cm.

Here’s a shot from the Buehler-Bingham Store, grabbed from this page.



Silcott Square End Tie

tie 208tie 210

A nice square end with a country & western feel. By Silcott/Taylor Ties, sold at Wagners Country Store in Westlake, Ohio.

Love the store labels on this one.

80% cotton, 20% silk.

Skinny: 4,2 cm.


Van Heusen Brown Square End Tie

tie 197tie 198

Because of the width, I have not been able to wear this one yet, unfortunately.

Width: 5,7 cm. For a square end, that’s just too much.


Ernst Red Square End Tie

tie 215tie 216

One of my favorite square ends. I wear this a lot.

Wonderfully skinny: 4 cm. Yeay!


Ernst Brown Square End Tie

tie 204tie 205

Another simple but nice square end. Just wish it was a few millimeters narrower. Square ends should be really skinny.

Still, skinny enough: 4,9 mm.

Unknown Brand Square End Tie

tie 199

I’m a big fan of skinny square end ties. This is not my favorite, but it’s not bad.

Skinny: 4,7 cm.


Rooster Brown Square End Silk Tie

tie 202tie 203

Another nice Rooster square end. Silk. Skinny. Sixties.

Store label from Wallachs.

Skinny: 4,5 cm.


Rooster Blue Square End Silk Tie

tie 206tie 207

A really nice square end from Rooster. Thai silk.

Was unused when I bought it.

Store label fra Wallachs.

Skinny: 4,5 cm.


Currie Square End Tie

tie 195tie 196

One of the ugliest ties in my collection. (It came in a lot with six other, much nicer ones.)

Yellow and silver? Incredibly ugly. The only nice thing about this tie is the label.

I love square ends. But they have to look better than this. And they have to be really skinny.

This is 5,5 cm wide.