Mancunian Teddy Bear With Broken Arm Tie

tie 39tie 40tie 41

What a find! This is one of my absolute favorites.

Terrific motif: A teddy bear with a broken arm in a sling, greeting you - or is he calling out for help or sympathy?

Eighties or nineties?

I wear this one all the time, even though it is rather wide: 7,6 cm.


Puccini Brown Wide Tie

tie 59tie 60

I truly seventies wide tie with a funky geometric pattern.

But of course way to wide for me to dare wearing it...

Wiiiide: 10,5 cm.


Scot Ties Multicolor Wide Wool Tie

tie 188tie 189

I fell in love with the colors and the fabric on this one. But it’s way too wide. I’ve never worn it - not even at home.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to wear wide ties... There are a lot of amazing ones out there!

Wide: 9,4 cm.


Christian Dior Stripe Tie

tie 183tie 184

It’s a Christian Dior. It’s from Paris. It’s got cool colors and groovy stripes.

But it’s way too wide. 7,2 cm.

I am not brave enough to wear ties as wide as this.

Too bad.