Amita Golden Horse Cuffs

cuffs 8

These are lovely. Hand made in Japan. Thank you, man or woman who made these.


Swank Gold Tone Bamboo and Pearl Cuffs

cuffs 3

I don’t use these very much, even though they are really swell looking cuffs.

They just demand that special occasion. Like when I’m going for a game of poker with some Italian mobsters.

Men prefer Swank. Of course, we do.


Interlinking Square Cuffs

cuffs 8 (1)

A very elegant pair. I love the geometric design - the interlinking squares.


Anson Gold Toned Cuffs

cuffs 5 (1)

I saw these being worn by one of the characters on Mad Men! Yeay!

A nice, modern, fifties design. Indeed very Mad Men.


Starburst Gold Tone Cuffs

cuffs 20

A nice pair of fifties cufflinks. Gold toned with a cool starburst design, the rays emitting from a rhinestone.